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"You Can Never Win, If You Never Begin" ‚Äč

- H. Rowland

"I have appreciated and enjoyed the Women Exhale Conference Calls & the Meet and Greet. This format has allowed me to express myself without judgement or a turned up nose. I've had the pleasure to gleam from these women and this type of trust is wonderful. Thank you Dr. Anderson for helping me learn to daily..Exhale!" M.B

"I attended the Women Exhale Meet & Greet in April/2018 and it was an exhilarating experience which allowed me to step out of the shadows. Thank you Begin ANEW for allowing me to stand on the strength of godly counsel. Woman 2 woman & heart 2 heart." LLB

"I have had the pleasure of receiving counseling with Dr. Anderson since 2017 and I have found her to very patient and to the point when I need it most. Thank you for caring so much for my well being." S.J

"I really enjoyed the couples conference calls Dr. Anderson conducted around April of 2014-2015 and they were even better when they began as WOMEN ONLY calls, Great stuff!." C.M

"Beauty at it's best. Life changing experiences at each Women Empowerment Tea I attended. The information shared helped bring you closer to your purpose. Thanks Begin ANEW!." L.T

"Although I am not a "TEA" kind of lady but the Women Empowerment Tea that Dr. Tosha Anderson provided in 2016 was OUTSTANDING. The atmosphere was warm and inviting with women of all ages and backgrounds. Begin ANEW, LLC is producing a harvest for the community..excellent job!" E.C/Cheek2CheekEvents

"The Women Exhale Conference Calls are essential to my life. It's a safe, friendly, spiritual and motivational environment where I am allowed to be transparent and share with other women about the issues of life." T.G